Technology Studies




Mass. Solid Waste Master Plan

MSW Study of Heat and Power


Report “Unintended Consequences” from Biomass Boom [The Biomass Monitor] _ Energy Justice Network

Riverside County Econ Dev Plan

Study of MSW Technology Using Life Cycle Analysis

Study on Waste Conversion Technologies

The Future of Wood Bioenergy in the United States Defining Sustainability, Status, Trends and Outlooks for Regional Development Pinchot Institute for Conservation

Thermal _Plasma_Gasification_of_MSW- STUDY

Trash and Biomass Incineration Worse for Climate than Coal _ NC Central Piedmont Group of the Sierra Club

Trash Incineration Worse Than Coal

UCRiverside_Emissions_Report on Conversion Technology

US MSW Sector Action Plan

Waste Gasification Coming Soon to Mass _ Partnership for Policy Integrity

Waste to Energy_Plant_Process_Safety_Challenges

Biofuels-from MSW-Background-Paper

Biomass as Feedstock- Billion_Ton_Vision

Biomass Greenness Study


Carbon Bomb Feedback Loop

Carbon Spike Before Climate Effect


Commentary Déjà Vu On Garbage Incineration « « BioCycle BioCycle

David MacKay A Reality Check on Renewables _ Video on

Dioxins & Furans The Most Toxic Chemicals Known to Science

Dr. Kristin Shrader-Frechette’s Research, Dec. 2012 _ Healthy Dubois County

Facility Noise



Incineration of Municipal Solid Waste Understanding the Costs and Financial Risks _ Pembina Institute

Incinerators in Disguise_ Case Studies of Gasification, Pyrolysis, and Plasma in Europe, Asia, and the United States

IncineratorsInDisguise slide show

Magically Carbon Neutral Biomass, Evil EPA Rules and other Myths

Manomet Study on Carbon

Emission Standards for Air Pollutants Eval of MSW Conversion Technologies

Case Studies in Residual Water Use at WWTP’s Economics of Harvesting Woody Biomass



OSGC-Trash-Incinerator – Rebuttal to company claims re: Oneida

Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center – Summer 2010 – Biomass Myths _ Clarifying Some Misunderstood Issues – by Karen Rogers and John Sanguinetti

Gasification Fact sheet Jan 2013-final

Blowing Smoke Report

Trash and Biomass Incinerators Worse Than Coal For Global Warming