About Us

Solidarity March, April 22

Who are we?

We are folks who were born here and folks who chose to live here.  We are local business people, farmers, parents, grandparents, young and old who live throughout Transylvania County and surrounding areas.   We come from different walks of life and backgrounds, but are working together to protect our home and create economic opportunities for ourselves, our children and their children. People for Clean Mountains believes Transylvania County can have economic growth without sacrificing our health, environment and values.

People for Clean Mountains is a grassroots organization inspired by this mission:

“To support community actions that keep our mountains and valleys clean, while promoting responsible economic and social development for generations to come.” 

To accomplish this mission, we:

  1. Research.  We do the important research needed to help understand issues facing our community, and opportunities for our community, that are consistent with our mission.  We seek out experts and others with experience who can help us understand issues and opportunities.  We compile and archive this data.
  2. Share. We share all information we collect with our government leaders and citizens of our county.  Information is posted regularly on our web site.  We prepare briefing papers and reports for anyone wanting in-depth and background information.
  3. Engage. We engage our community through public events and forums that we organize where we can have conversations about issues and opportunities.
  4. Advocate.  We are advocates for changes that we feel are consistent with our mission.

To continue our work of research, sharing, engaging and advocating, People for Clean Mountains needs continued support from the community to offset the costs of our volunteer efforts.  All contributions support this work.

People for Clean Mountains is a Local Chapter of the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League (BREDL), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  All donations are tax-deductible.

BREDL has been in operation for 29 years, working in the Southeast to stop environmentally dangerous facilities and promote safe and clean alternatives. BREDL’s founding principles of earth stewardship, sound environmental responsibility and grassroots involvement guide the organization in assisting groups such as PCM to protect the health of their community and its environment.  We encourage our supporters to Join BREDL.

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Media & Publicity

Research & Documents

Legal & Permits

Radio Broadcast with Slideshow - The story of how People for Clean Mountains evolved from a few facebook posts, to an organized 501(c)(3) non-profit in under 30 days, and why a moratorium is requested on the proposed Biomass facility.


What we’ve done so far:

  • Formed in April 2013 after many met on the Transylvania County Biomass Info Exchange Facebook page, a page created on March 28 to facilitate research among interested parties – 786 members as of April 23.
  • Created a web site to archive research and provide additional information on events and important governmental and community actions.
  • Compiled research on biomass plants and processes.
  • Launched the Think “B.I.G.” (Beyond Incinerating Garbage) campaign
  • Promoted public attendance of the April 11 Info Presentation by the facility developers – Part 1 (Presentation)  – Part 2 (Q&A)  ~ A Special “Thank You” to Michael Trufant for producing and making theses videos available for public viewing
  • Researched the claims made by the developers at the April 11 Info Presentation and the reality of those claims
  • Became a Local Chapter of the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, granting us 501(c)(3) non-profit status
  • Promoted a peaceful Solidarity March with other concerned residents to the TC Board of Commissioners meeting on April 22.
  • Organized community events to share information and encourage conversations about the economic development future of our county.
  • Created the Transylvania County Industry Ideas Facebook Group
  • Created the People for Clean Mountains Fan Page
  • Created the Recycle Transylvania Facebook Group
  • Sponsored the “Think B.I.G.” Forum on economic development opportunities for our county.
  • Gathered over 3,000 signatures on a petition calling for a moratorium on biomass plants and other proposals that might cause harm to our county.
  • Sponsored a seminar on recycling and related sustainable development. 


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PO Box 1624  Pisgah Forest, NC  28768  828-553-3181