Monthly Archives: October 2013

Oct. 1 ~ PCM Chair Update


PCM will be providing regular updates here on what we are doing.  We will start with a monthly update, for now, subject to more frequent postings as issues progress, and we get a feel for this.

As the excitement from the passage of the moratorium has leveled off, we are focusing on the next steps in our goal of clean mountains, clean jobs, and a clean economy.

OUR STRUCTURE – PCM held elections on Sept 12 to elect officers for the organization. Annette Glenn was elected Treasurer, Hope Janowitz – Secretary, Diann Harle is our Vice Chair, and Kevin Glenn will assume the position of Chair. The terms will be in effect until Dec 2014, at which time we hope to have expanded our membership, and find others to take on these important roles. We felt this was an important step in establishing our validity in issues affecting our county.

IMMEDIATE GOAL – Passage of a High Impact/Polluting Industries Ordinance, in some form, is our priority for the foreseeable future. It is key that we are able to protect our community. We support the efforts of county staff as they work towards this goal.

RECYCLING – We have put together a team to study the ways we, as a community, can increase and improve our recycling efforts. We are expecting a plan back from them within 90 days, with a focus on implementing these efforts in 2014.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT – We are using the information gained from the Institute for Local Self Reliance as we try and determine our path. We are in discussions with county officials about what roles, if any, we may each assume in this effort, as well as what forms these efforts may take.

PUBLIC SERVICE  – Our commitment to facilitate community awareness through education is a PCM mission.  We will soon be scheduling regular monthly presentations, ranging in topic and format, to include guest speakers, workshops, video presentations, and more.  after the holidays to  educate us all on the issues affecting us.

I implore you to get involved in any way you can. Apply for a board position, attend county meetings, write your elected officials with your concerns. We can help make Transylvania County great for us, and for our children. Contact us if you can help in our efforts, or if we can assist you in yours.


Kevin Glenn, PCM Chair